“Western Massachusetts Writing Project: Using this uncertain moment for educational change” via Daily Hampshire Gazette

This article, co-authored by the executive board of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, documents some of the disparities that are magnified by COVID-19 forced distance education for K-12 students. “We urge teachers to be thoughtful in the kinds of technology platforms they choose for their students, to not trade ease of use for student privacy in the rush to get online…”


“Transgender teen posts video of school staff opening bathroom stall on her” via CBS News

This article details multiple viewpoints of the incident in Minnesota where a transgender teen posted video of school staff confronting her in a bathroom stall. 

The school claims there is more to the issue. However, due to “data privacy reasons” the school is unable to release any details that would either vindicate their actions, or give more information about the incident. Here is a link to the message the principal sent to families about the social media posts and the incident. In the letter the principal states that no students are barred from using any restroom at the school.

Here is another link to local CBS coverage of the incident. 

There are videos of the incident in each of the CBS articles.